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Colorful butterflies are incredible travelers that support the renewal of ecosystems. Together with bees and other pollinators, they sustain 85% of our natural flowering species and 1 in 3 bites of food on our plates.

But these delicate creatures are highly sensitive to habitat loss, toxic pesticides and climate change—and have been declining at alarming rates. They need access to pollinator-friendly gardens and landscapes to help them survive.

We believe that protecting butterflies and other pollinators is a critical part of planetary renewal and reinforcing a healthy food system. That’s why this season our?Butterfly Lip Chic?in Peach Blossom, Clover, and Hyssop are named for wildflowers favored by butterflies—and?we’re proudly supporting the Xerces Society. The Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit conserves invertebrates and their habitats by regenerating pollinator-friendly natural habitat—wildflower meadows, cover crops, and hedgerows—particularly near agricultural farmland. Chantecaille’s donation will go towards the purchase of region-tailored Habitat Kits, a mix of shrubs and flowering plants from milkweed and Coyote mint to Pacific aster and goldenrod, which will support the restoration of more than 40 acres of native habitat for butterflies and other pollinators in California's Central Valley, the source of?a quarter of our nation's food.

The Xerces Society has helped conserve over?2.5 million acres?of habitat for butterflies and other pollinators. Chantecaille is proud to support them in their important and timely mission.

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